Writing Tips

Read more about how we communicate in Danske Bank and get a few and simple advice on how to succeed with your writing.

The customer experience is shaped by our actions and by the way we communicate. That’s why we want to be perceived as a more human and genuinely interested bank. In our communication we should focus on the benefits for our customers. Not what we perceive as great products. We must have a tone of voice that is genuinely human and inclusive, as we want to show a real and honest outlook on both life and business.

We speak the language of the ones we are talking to. And since we are not always communicating to everybody at the same time, we will end up using different wordings for C&I segments and Personal Banking. What they have in common however, is our understanding of their situation and our shared ambition for them to succeed.

We will never be superior, but neither will we dumb things down. We will avoid clichés and be concrete, speak frankly about facts and honestly about opinions.

In other words, we want a tonality that is: